Wild blackberries invading the flower garden.  Such lovely blossoms and delicious fruit.  Wild BlackberriesI prefer the wild berries to the tame for flavor and seed size.  One does have to wear a plate of armor while picking to protect from thorns.  I left these to fruit this year and then had to remove them before they took over.

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I grew up in the fringes of Appalachia in the northern rural area of Alabama smack dab in cotton country. My roots now are deeply planted in the hills and hollers of south central Kentucky helping preserve an authentic Appalachian log home original to the farm we live on. Our region is deeply steeped in traditions of tobacco farming and timber. I have spent years collecting and dealing in antiques with a deep love of primitive objects that helped early settlers live out their lives. The simplest object such as a hand carved wooden spoon that stirred a thousand meals that fed a family brings me to my knees. It is the “story” and the “life” of an object that pulls at my heartstrings so deeply. The lives of our forefathers eeking out a simple existance with barely enough to survive on. It moves me deeply and I am passionate about many things. Simple living, heirloom gardening and seed saving, cooking and preserving, historic preservation, genealogy, heirloom crafts such as soapmaking, spinning and weaving, fiber production, candlemaking, blacksmithing etc. If it was handcrafted for utilitarian use and survivalship I am all about it. You will find me barefoot in my garden feeling mother earth, sitting on my porch shelling beans, stringing leather breeches, braiding garlic, making soap, shelling nuts I have gathered to make a pie from scratch, gathering wild fox grapes to make my special jelly for Christmas gift giving, picking cherries from tree stock that has been handed down through generations, cooking a pot of beans on my hearth, playing with my farm animals, gathering herbs to make medicianal salves and tinctures, and simply porch sitting and waving to a passerby. Living an authentic and intentional life here at Smith Creek Cabin. _Susan

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